Saturday, February 14, 2009

Look What the Cat Dragged In!

HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Sweet Stuffs!!! Yes, I know! Well, it's only been a year or so! A lot of things can happen in a year, and some of these happenings may prohibit one from posting to her blog on a regular basis, right? There could be flood, fire, famine, sudden relocation, sudden dislocation, or one might get hit in the temporal artery by a golf ball and spend a year staggering around and repeating "I'm OK. I'm just a hit head ball ouch."

valheart3 Well, I thank the ever-vigilant guarding spirits none of these unfortunate scenarios actually happened to me. No, I just decided it was time to take a little shmita, a little pause for intense contemplation in the crafting of our lifetime plans as Mr. Pseudonym and I enter our senior years.

I made a New Year's resolution at the beginning of 2008 to take an active interest in our financial, social, vocational and spiritual lives throughout the unfolding year. My intentions were honorable, but my self-discipline was notoriously absent. Other than beginning to check our bank balance once a week (or maybe once every two weeks) (Ah, HELL! once every fortnight--maybe), I found myself unable to contemplate the true weight of our coinage. So much for the finances. *sigh*

On the social front, Mr. Pseudonym and I have always been cave bears, having one or two friends and hardly ever visiting with them. I was more social when I was working and when the kids were little and I was active in the school functions. Now, though, we pretty much stick to ourselves, growling and shooting hostile glances at each other whenever the mood strikes us.*sigh*

Vocationally, Mr. Pseudonym is highly educated and has traditionally been the breadwinner in the family. Mr. P. loves his work, which must be the most rewarding and inspiring state of mind. I take care of the house and Mr. P., do the cooking and errands and perform those functions crucial to our comfort and well-being around here. I'll tellya what, it's a busy and sometimes nerve-wracking job. I don't remember signing up for this gig, but there it is. We don't even want to GO into what must be done to sanitize the cave. Crudely speaking, there are eight anuses in this house and only one person with rubber gloves and a scrub brush. I mean, in one end, out the other, y'know? (Hmmmmm...maybe if I stopped cooking and buying pet food?)

Finally, I've always been the only one in this house with any spiritual leanings at all. To my family's resounding chorus of "BULLSHIT," I've always maintained we need to keep our eyes, ears and hearts open to what we may not be able to understand right now. I just cannot believe there are no other states of being than our earthly cycles of walking around blinking, consuming and excreting, unaware and uncaring, to the day we ourselves are consumed and excreted.

That probably didn't make any sense at all. I'll just go clean something.


Jo said...

Welcome back! I hope this is beginning of many, many posts, because I missed you!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!


Caustic Cupcake said...

Um, hello? Why no posting? You got me all excited about the last time.