Monday, November 27, 2006

Priscilla Posts!

Well, I'm SORRY! I've been at the mall! For a month!

Actually, most of my Christmas shopping is done, and I can spend December finishing up the odds and ends--fattening the stockings with extra trinkets and baking cookies. Last year was a nightmare, and I've made good on my promise to myself regarding this year's festivities: no procrastination/no last-minute panic/no throwing slippers at the t.v. just because the Mormon Tabernacle Choir launches into Joy to the World just as I run out of scotch tape.

This year should be fun with little J.Q. He's at a good age for Christmas--old enough to reply "Ho! Ho! Ho!" when asked how Santa goes, but not old enough to ask for real pricey toys. I'll be looking for some special pre-Christmas books for him this year, which reminds me of when his mother was a little younger than J.Q. at her second Christmas. She was demanding to be read her favorite book around fifteen times a day, and we finally had to kick Jingle Bells under the sofa when she wasn't looking so we could get a break. ("Look at horsey pull the sleigh! Run horsey, RUN! Go, horsey GO! Uhoh! Horsey slipped on the ice and crashed into the Ukrainian Credit Union building! Maybe horsey should take a nap now!")

Long story short ('cause it's jammie time), Priscilla is still alive and whiney, but there's so much to do and so little time. Further adventures anon.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Priscilla Takes A Sick Day (or Three)

Rats! I was going to do a really nice essay on making Halloween costumes for little kids. But when I sat down at the keyboard, my neck disks decided to stage a coup and overthrow my best intentions. Crushing, burning pain at C4-5, complete with nausea, flattened me for two days or so. And I don't handle "flat" very well.

So the Halloween costume piece will have to wait until next year (God willing, 'cause, y'know, at my age y'never know). For now, I'll have to write about all of my cats developing matted fur at the ass-end of their backs, which must be some kind of fall-shedding and winter-coat-growing phenomenon.

Or maybe I'll just skip it. Yeah.